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  • Bombay Sapphire


    Cocktail Recipe List PDF – big update, now 96 cocktails!

    I’ve made a big update to the downloadble cocktail recipe PDF – it now contains 96 cocktails including all your favourites like the Mojito, Old Fashioned, Margarita and Cosmo, along with a selection of classics and ‘modern classics’. Check it out today! Downloadable Cocktail Recipe PDF    

  • How to stir cocktails at Make Cocktails at Home

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    Mixing Cocktails 101 – How to stir a cocktail

    The proper way to stir a cocktail   For more info about bar equipment check out the ‘Essential Equipment for your home bar’ blog post Time for the next post in my series on mixing methods, and today we’re going to take a look at stirring, or stirred,  cocktails. I’ve previously covered shaking, an aggressive action we use […]

  • Make Cocktails at Home



    Just a quick post to let you all know that I’m currently away on vacation but fear not! Updates will start again properly as soon as I’m back. Afterall, there are so many great cocktails for us to make! // Dave

  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon

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    August Update: 25 Recipes for Master Cocktail Recipe list Download

      More Classic Cocktails added to the list! I’ve  decided to make the Master Cocktail Recipe List (available as a printable/downloadable PDF) a little more useful by adding a whole bunch of modern and classic cocktails, bringing the list total to 25. Hopefully this will help give you some late-Summer cocktail inspiration! The newly added cocktails […]

  • Deconstructing the Cocktail

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    Cocktails Deconstructed

    Deconstructing the Cocktail   Making great cocktails is a balancing act; using the right levels of sweetness, sourness or bitterness, or adding flavour while still allowing the character of the base spirit to show through is not always easy and requires an intimate understanding of the ingredients involved. Deconstructing a cocktail, where we take a drink […]

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