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  • How to stir cocktails at Make Cocktails at Home

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    Mixing Cocktails 101 – How to stir a cocktail

    The proper way to stir a cocktail   For more info about bar equipment check out the ‘Essential Equipment for your home bar’ blog post Time for the next post in my series on mixing methods, and today we’re going to take a look at stirring, or stirred,  cocktails. I’ve previously covered shaking, an aggressive action we use […]

  • Bird Shaker

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    Mixing Cocktails 101 – The Methods – Shake and Strain

    . Shake and Strain . For more info about bar equipment check out the ‘Essential Equipment for your home bar’ blog post . Depending on the ingredients used and the overall effect we are seeking there are a number of mixing methods that we can use to make cocktails. We’ve covered built drinks already and […]

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    Cheaters Guide to making Grenadine at home

    . Sometimes it’s good to cheat… . Flavoured syrups are a useful component to cocktails as they allow us to add flavour at the same time as adding the sugar that is necessary in many drinks to achieve sweet:sour balance. . Unfortunately mass production and efforts to achieve economies of scale may be good for many […]

  • Triple Stacked Collins


    Mixing Cocktails 101 – The Methods – Build

    The Built Cocktail When it comes to making quick and easy cocktails there is nothing faster than a built drink. As the name suggests, building a cocktail is a process of adding one ingredient after the other and stacking them straight into the glass, no shaking or straining necessary. When do we build cocktails? We […]

  • Bombay Sapphire Shaker


    Mixing Cocktails 101 – The Methods – Overview

    Shaken or Stirred?   When we mix cocktails we are usually trying to do two things – take different ingredients and combine them to make new tastes and flavours; and use ice to cool the ingredients and the final drink.   Some ingredients will mix together easily while others are more of an ‘oil and […]

  • Sugar Syrup/Simple Syrup


    Make Sugar Syrup at Home

    Make Sugar Syrup at Home Sugar Syrup (or Simple Syrup as it is also commonly known) is one of the most common sweetening ingredients used in cocktails and also one of the easiest to make at home.   Sugar is an essential ingredient in cocktails as it allows us to add a sweetener to bitter […]

  • Mozart chocolate liqueur


    Easy Guide to Alcohol pt 2 – Liqueurs

    . Liqueurs   For an explanation of how alcohol and spirits are made check out the first post in the series, Easy Guide to Alcohol pt 1 – fermentation, distillation and spirits . Time for some sugar.   The easiest way to differentiate between spirits and liqueurs is that liqueurs are usually much sweeter do […]

  • wine glass


    Essential Guide to Home Cocktail Bar Glassware

    . Glassware We’ve looked at the essential bar tools and the essential ingredients that you need to stock your home bar, so  now is the perfect time to look at glassware. . Using the right glass for each cocktail is very important. Different glass shapes can help bring out and accentuate certain qualities of a […]

  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon


    Easy guide to Alcohol pt 1 – fermentation, distillation and spirits

    Easy guide to Alcohol – explaining fermentation, distillation and spirits . .What do you think of when you hear ‘cocktail’? James Bond and his ‘shaken, not stirred’ Martini? Maybe you think of big fruity drinks with small umbrellas, served poolside on a resort holiday? Or (god forbid) Tom Cruise flipping bottles in the famous oh-so […]