Brush Up On Your Core Cocktail Making Skills

Ready to brush up on your skills?

To make truly great tasting cocktails it’s important to understand both the reasons and the mechanics behind how they are made. Although it may sometimes seem like it, (good) bartenders do not just reach for the shaker every time they make a drink – they use the right tool for the right job, at the right time.

Start by having a quick look at the different types of bar equipement you’ll be using.

Essential Home Bar Equipment


Now that you have an idea about the equipment, it’s time to  answer the age old question – shaken or stirred?

Have a look at the different mixing methods and when you should use them.

Mixing Cocktails 101 – The Methods – Overview


And the Individual methods

Mixing Cocktails 101 – The Methods – Build

Mixing Cocktails 101 – How to stir a cocktail

And of course, the all important

Mixing Cocktails 101 – The Methods – Shake and Strain


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