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    Find quick bartender style Cocktail recipes at

    Are you looking to make great cocktails with friends this New Year’s Eve and you already have a handle on the basics? Head over to and you’ll find a great list of modern and classic drinks, presented as a handy mobile friendly, bartender stlye spec-sheet.

  • Make Cocktails at Home


    Understanding Your Ingredients

    Get to know what you’re putting in your mouth Now that you have the core cocktail making skills you need to make a good drink it’s time to get up to speed on the next important part – the ingredients. Afterall, if you want to make great tasting cocktails of your own it’s essential you understand exactly what you’re playing […]

  • How to stir cocktails at Make Cocktails at Home


    Brush Up On Your Core Cocktail Making Skills

    Ready to brush up on your skills? To make truly great tasting cocktails it’s important to understand both the reasons and the mechanics behind how they are made. Although it may sometimes seem like it, (good) bartenders do not just reach for the shaker every time they make a drink – they use the right tool for the right […]

  • Key ingredients for the Moscow Mule

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    The Geekiest Cocktail List

    Cocktail Recipe List now in Markdown at github Something a little different (and perhaps showing my geeky side) – I know how popular the downloadable PDF Master Cocktail List is so I’ve decided to offer it in Markdown format on github. What does this mean? You get the same cocktails as the pdf (for now […]

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