About Make Cocktails at Home, and me


Hi, I’m David. I spent much of my twenties working as a professional cocktail bartending instructor and bartender in London, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden. During my time in the drinks trade I met a lot of people who were keen to learn how those in the ‘pro’ cocktail scene make drinks, but most of the best instructional books, courses and videos are very bar tender focused – they assume you have a full professional bar already set up – which is not very helpful if you want to make drinks in your lounge or kitchen.

I created this site to teach people the methods and techniques I used as a professional instructor while training bartenders, but in an easier, more accessible way to follow along with at home.


How to use the site

Feel free to jump in and take a look around, but if you’re after a bit of a more structured approach to making cocktails, then check out below.

Start by checking the Fundamentals of the Training posts, where I’ll be giving you a run down of what I consider to be the key  methods, techniques and ingredients that you need if you’re going to make good drinks. You’ll find posts like Essential Bar Equipment, Essential Spirits and liqueurs for your home bar, and more of that nature.

Check out the Easy Guides to find articles that teach you all about the more technical side to alcohol – fermination, distillation, spirits,  liqueurs and more.

Once you’re sorted on the Fundamentals, you can move on to the Lessons, which are blog posts that cover a specific cocktail topic in a bit more depth.

Each lesson will cover a specific topic that is useful for cocktail making, with background info and a guided exercise that involves making some example drinks . Some I have planned include Shaking vs stirring – proper dilution in drinks, How to achieve proper balance in cocktails, and more I’ll tell you about later.

You’ll also find a section for some of my favourite cocktail recipes broken down by their base spirit. Expect to see a mix of great classics and more contemporary cocktails here (no sugar filled fruit salads though – real, balanced drinks only here!).



MakeCocktailsatHome.com is my personal blog and all of the comments and opinions I express are mine. If I say something is good, it’s because I truly think it is good. And the same goes for any negative comments I make.

You may at times find advertising on the site. This helps cover the costs of web hosting and limited to google adwords or affiliate links. In the case of affiitate links, I will only ever link to a product that I would happily buy myself, with my own money. I will not send you to a scammy site with crappy products. I promise!


Any questions feel free to contact me,


// David

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