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  • Sweet Manhattan

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    Weekend ready cocktails – the Sweet Manhattan

        Sweet Manhattan There has been a real resurgence in the bars for true classic cocktails in the past few years, helped in part to the general increase in bartenders knowledge, the rise of  speak easy style bars, and the popularity of cult shows and characters like Don Draper of the hit Mad Men. One of the true classics, and […]

  • Key ingredients for the Moscow Mule

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    Cocktail Recipes – Vodka – The Moscow Mule

      . Moscow Mule Time for the first drink recipe! And a quick and easy one to start, with the cocktail that helped truly bring vodka into bars in the USA for the first time, the Moscow Mule. A bit of history The Moscow Mule has been around since 1941, with its invention credited to John G Martin, of Heublein […]