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    The Easy Guide series give you basic knowledge to truly understand alcohol and help you mix cocktails. . Easy Guide to Alcohol part 1 – Fermination, Distillation, and Spirits   Easy Guide to Alcohol part 2 – Liqueurs . Easy guide to Lime juice – fresh lime, Rose’s lime cordial

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    Easy Guide to Alcohol pt 2 – Liqueurs

    Mozart chocolate liqueur

    . Liqueurs   For an explanation of how alcohol and spirits are made check out the first post in the series, Easy Guide to Alcohol pt 1 – fermentation, distillation and spirits . Time for some sugar.   The easiest way to differentiate between spirits and liqueurs is that liqueurs are usually much sweeter do […]

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    Weekend Cocktail – Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Another nice and easy cocktail just in time for the weekend, but don’t let the simple ingredients fool you as this is more than just a humble rum and coke – the addition of fresh lime juice gives a balance that makes this an easy drinking cocktail perfect in warmer weather. The balance […]

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    Booze News – Bols Natural Yoghurt liqueur

    A new release in the world of booze and alcohol today. . New Product – Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur . An interesting new liqueur is being added to the international line-up by the Dutch liquor company Bols. Bols Natural Yoghurt liqueur is getting ready for launch in the UK and some selected markets soon and looks like it […]