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  • Key ingredients for the Moscow Mule

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    The Geekiest Cocktail List

    Cocktail Recipe List now in Markdown at github Something a little different (and perhaps showing my geeky side) – I know how popular the downloadable PDF Master Cocktail List is so I’ve decided to offer it in Markdown format on github. What does this mean? You get the same cocktails as the pdf (for now […]

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    App Review: Cocktails Made Easy (iOS)

    Cocktails Made Easy Trying to find a decent cocktail app can be an exercise in futility. The app stores are full of products with horrible designs, weird layouts, bugs, and worst of all – terrible drinks. I’ve lost count of the number of apps I’ve downloaded only to delete minutes later as I check a […]

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    Home for the Holidays? Time for some great cocktail making tips!

    Make Great Cocktails these Holidays Are you looking to mix some cocktails over the Christmas holiday season? Make sure you’re doing it right by checking out some of the resources from the blog:   First things first, you need to make sure you have all the right tools and ingredients for the job – Essential […]

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    Revision time – Easy Guide to Alcohol part two – Liqueurs

    Have you ever wondered what that bottle of Cointreau on your shelf is actually made of? Understanding liqueurs as ingredients (such as Cointreau) will help you make better drinks – if you haven’t already then check out Easy Guide to Alcohol Part Two – Liqueurs

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    Revision time – The Easy Guide to Alcohol part one

    It’s hard to make decent cocktails if you don’t understand the Ingredients you’re using. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out part one of my Easy Guide to Alcohol series – it looks at the important fundamentals behind how alcohol is actually made, including fermentation, distillation and spirits.

  • Bombay Sapphire


    Cocktail Recipe List PDF – big update, now 96 cocktails!

    I’ve made a big update to the downloadble cocktail recipe PDF – it now contains 96 cocktails including all your favourites like the Mojito, Old Fashioned, Margarita and Cosmo, along with a selection of classics and ‘modern classics’. Check it out today! Downloadable Cocktail Recipe PDF    

  • Make Cocktails at Home



    Just a quick post to let you all know that I’m currently away on vacation but fear not! Updates will start again properly as soon as I’m back. Afterall, there are so many great cocktails for us to make! // Dave

  • Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur

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    Mozart White Chocolate Cream Review

    Mozart White Chocolate Cream   Category: Cream liqueur ABV: 15% Produced: Austria Website: Similar Products: Baileys Irish Cream, Coole Swan Irish Cream, Amarula Cream.    About . Mozart is an Austrian liqueur brand and along with the white chocolate that we’re looking at today also make gold and dark chcocolate liqueurs, chocolate bitters, and interestingly, […]

  • Bird Shaker

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    Mixing Cocktails 101 – The Methods – Shake and Strain

    . Shake and Strain . For more info about bar equipment check out the ‘Essential Equipment for your home bar’ blog post . Depending on the ingredients used and the overall effect we are seeking there are a number of mixing methods that we can use to make cocktails. We’ve covered built drinks already and […]

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    Weekend Cocktail – Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Another nice and easy cocktail just in time for the weekend, but don’t let the simple ingredients fool you as this is more than just a humble rum and coke – the addition of fresh lime juice gives a balance that makes this an easy drinking cocktail perfect in warmer weather. The balance […]